Rewarding home

Meet the app that makes taking care of your home a snap — and rewards you for it.

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Expert guidance, in your pocket

Dwellbeing helps you learn what needs to be done, and how to do it. Confidently complete your home maintenance tasks with the help of Dwellbeing’s step-by-step guidance. You’ll improve your DIY skills and take care of your home at the same time.

Personalized tasks

Only see tasks for the features in your home

Expert instruction

Step-by-step guidance from professionals

Toolbox for the day

Know what tools you need to complete tasks before starting


Earn $$ off your insurance deductible for completed tasks

Helpful tips

Learn how you may be saving money and future headaches

Seasonal reminders

Get notifications when it’s time to complete your next tasks

Home maintenance has never been so rewarding

The more you maintain your home, the more credits
you’ll earn towards your home insurance deductible.
Refreshing, right?

Boost your home’s value

Homeownership is one of your biggest investments. Protect it.

Get rewarded for doing the right things

Why stop at the satisfaction of maintaining your home? With Dwellbeing, you can also earn reward credits toward your insurance deductible over time if you have a Safeco® or Liberty Mutual® homeowners policy.

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